Custom Framing, Reprographic Services, & Supplies

Custom Framing


Each time you buy

a custom frame between

Sept 23 and Nov 27

you earn an additional

5% off the moulding

up to 50%

Deciding who to trust with your valuable artwork and memories is a difficult decision. Whether you are framing a piece of fine art or your family treasures, everything from refrigerator art to photos of the winning  team deserves to be respectfully framed as the heirlooms they are.

Archival-Conservation Framing

Preserve your artwork for a lifetime by having it done the right way from the beginning.

  Sheri SheriBodle is a certified conservation framer who provides fast service with the highest professional standard of  quality and service. Sheri will work with you every step of the  way to assist you in preserving your memories and  accomplishments for a lifetime.

From custom shadowboxes for your military or civilian awards to fine art conservation, Sheri will produce the finest quality framing and matting for your budget.

Art Hardware also offers a full line of Archival Framing supplies for the do-it-yourself-er.


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